mercredi 5 décembre 2007

day 6

Another foggy work day, but this time, I have my camera and shoot some pictures before going to work with Emil and Fadel.

At lunch, I learn a bit more about our american coworkers (indian and chinese, really).

After work, we decide to go to the Bix with Emil, a place where they do good hamburgers and not too far from the hotel. When we arrive there, a sign on the door tells us it's closed for the public, there is a private party happening. So we end up in a supposingly French restaurant, the Myth, where we actually have a quite good hamburger. I finish the meal with a glass of excellent Tokaji and we go back to the hotel, where I don't sleep because I tried some expresso during the day.

mardi 4 décembre 2007

day 5

Work day - for the first time, the fog is over the city. In the evening, with Emil, we go to my favorite restaurant in San Francisco, the Helmand. I did not remember there was so many sex places around. When we arrive in front of the restaurant door on Broadway, a sign tells us the restaurant has moved location. So we end up eating in a crappy Indian restaurant not too far away. Afterwards we have a drink at the elephant castle, the bar next to the hotel.

lundi 3 décembre 2007

day 4

First day of work in San Fran. The office is quite nice, although the room where we are is a bit too big to be quiet. The atmosphere of American companies is definitely 100 times better as the one from French companies.
In the evening, after eating in an Irish restaurant next to powell & market where I used to work in 2000-3, I go buy the apple macbook I am currently using as a present for Marie. Afterward we go with Emil to a nice Irish bar on Bush street.

dimanche 2 décembre 2007

day 3

Still free time, I decide to just walk around San Fran as I lost my muni (local bus system) week pass.

I walk a lot to go to the guitar center, trying some kind of les paul, walk around a familiar neighborhood at polk & green, then go to the marina and back to the hotel. With Emil we then go to have a drink in an irish bar of lower haight and eat at Chow, one of the favorite places of Andy (because of the food, the proximity of the bart station, and the lower haight dealers), a great friend of mine. I eat the burger with blue cheese while remembering about the past.

Fadel, my boss, misses his connection in Atlanta and arrives late. We have a hard time finding a place to eat for him on a Sunday evening at 11pm in the financial district of San Francisco.

samedi 1 décembre 2007

day 2

Free day to visit San Francisco. I decide to show Emil Haight & Ashbury, where the Hippie spirit can still be felt, although it became quite commercial since. After a trip through the park nearby, with magnificent view of the city, we find a nice place to eat lunch, the blue front cafe, where I have a Falafel Burrito! And it is quite good despite the name.

We then head up for West beach, to see the Pacific. It's not too cold.

In the evening I go to see my friend Daniel and his wife Mamie, still as welcoming as they were 4 years back. We go to eat the best Corean food around and bore Mamie with computer talk.

vendredi 30 novembre 2007

day 1

Lost my boarding pass at charles de gaulles airport. Air France made a new one in 10s so I can sleep 10h on the plane. Arrived in San Francisco, I forget my mobile phone in the Taxi. Our hotel, Club Quarters is surprisingly nice. In the afternoon, Emil and I shoot photos and shop for an cheap prepaid american phone. In the evening, we visit the Marina, but it's already dark since 5pm. We meet Emils Romanian friends and eat at Gordon Biersch while our eyes admire a nice view of the Bay Bridge.