dimanche 2 décembre 2007

day 3

Still free time, I decide to just walk around San Fran as I lost my muni (local bus system) week pass.

I walk a lot to go to the guitar center, trying some kind of les paul, walk around a familiar neighborhood at polk & green, then go to the marina and back to the hotel. With Emil we then go to have a drink in an irish bar of lower haight and eat at Chow, one of the favorite places of Andy (because of the food, the proximity of the bart station, and the lower haight dealers), a great friend of mine. I eat the burger with blue cheese while remembering about the past.

Fadel, my boss, misses his connection in Atlanta and arrives late. We have a hard time finding a place to eat for him on a Sunday evening at 11pm in the financial district of San Francisco.

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